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"Pear Naked Lady" is a handbuilt female nude form combined with the form of a pear. It is raku fired without glaze and only smoke patterns are left in the clay, called naked raku. The piece is bisque fired and then slip (very wet clay) is brushed onto the piece. The slip dries and cracks as mud does in the sun. When the piece is heated in the raku kiln and lifted out while red hot, it is placed in a metal container with a combustible and allowed to catch fire. The lid is then put on to starve the oxygen of the fire and the piece absorbs the smoke in the crackle patterns of the slip. After the piece cools, the slip falls off leaving wonderfully exciting black and white patterns. It measures 15 1/2" to the tip of the stem, the clay pear body measures about 11 1/2' tall, and is about 8 1/2" across at the base.  Shipping and insurance are included  if mailng in the continental United States.

"Pear Naked Lady"

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